About Us

The Duncan Group is a Records Management Consulting Group focused on assisting you to make your critical information relevant to your workplace.

Today’s critical information is found as a mix of paper documents, data, electronic content, email and social media. Organizations are struggling with developing effective management tools to create, obtain, store, reference and destroy this information in an simple¬†and cost effective manner.

With over thirty years in the records and content management arena, The Duncan Group provides support and leadership to the process of designing and implementing highly efficient tools and processes to managing vital information. Areas of concentration include:

  • Records Management Program Reviews
  • Governance Tools
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Retention Schedules
  • Records Inventories
    • Active Paper and Digital Based
    • Offsite Records
  • Electronic Content Management
    • Document Imaging
    • Applicaton¬†Design and Implementation
  • Project Management