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In the first season and much of the second, Morgana was portrayed as a kind and loyal friend. She hires Alator of the Catha and orders him to kidnap Gaius who is forced to tell Alator that Merlin is Emrys. When Prince Arthur came to defend Merlin's home village from raiders, Will initially accused Arthur of using the villagers as cannon fodder; however, Will eventually saw that Arthur was not afraid to risk his own life in battle. This was revealed in Season 5 Episode 7 when Arthur meets with him and an enchanted Guinevere commissions him to kill Arthur for her, since the skill of his men and his hatred of Morgana makes him the perfect unwitting accomplice. In addition, Annis is a fair and compassionate queen, sparing Merlin's life despite catching him spying, and quickly forgiving Arthur his errors. In seducing Morgana to join her, she helped to create Camelot's most implacable enemy. Vivienne is the absent mother of Morgana and Morgause and wife of Gorlois. In "A Remedy to Cure All Ills", it was revealed that his parents were killed during the Great Purge. Morgana finds where they are heading and attacks them, hoping to watch Arthur die slowly, but Merlin kills her. Arthur, a banished warrior, and Merlin, a hermit wizard, embark on a heroic quest to stop the druid and save their people, before the Celts are lost forever and become a myth themselves. While waiting for Uther to die, Gaius, who had fled Camelot after being dismissed, returned and attempted to intervene. However Morgana is still fuelled with rage over Uther prioritising Arthur's claim to the throne over Morgana's, leading to her attempting to kill her father, however she is stopped by Merlin. During a recent adventure where Gwen's estranged brother was captured by Cenred as a hostage to force her to lure Arthur into danger, the two appeared to begin a secret relationship, Arthur not-so-directly telling Gwen that he loved her, the two later kissing in private before Arthur departed on his quest to recover the trident of the Fisher King. Later on, when a frustrated and frightened Morgana reveals to Morgause how much she hates Uther and wants to kill him, Morgause uses her sister to cause the whole kingdom to fall asleep under a spell of which Morgana is the vessel to maintain it. As an adult, Morgause returned to Camelot to challenge Arthur to single combat. Merlin eventually saves the egg and hatches it, naming the new dragon Aithusa. Odin abducts Nemeth's King Rodor and Morgana uses Princess Mithian to infiltrate Camelot. | When she wakes she finds he has returned the valuable payment she gave him - the bracelet from her sister. He and his companion then sneaked into Camelot and with the help of Agravaine, kidnapped Gaius. Mary Collins (portrayed by Eve Myles) was a sorceress and the antagonist of the episode "The Dragon's Call". Arthur, along with Merlin, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde had to flee Ealdor when Agravaine caught up to them. He then shows huge respect to Lancelot, telling him that he will be the greatest of all Camelot's knights. Morgana finds an old dress of Gwen's in the camp and realises that Gwen has overheard her plans to invade Camelot. King Arthur therefore must persuade her in. Arthur also spent part of the third season being targeted for assassination at Morgana's hands. | Under unspecified circumstances, Freya was captured by the bounty hunter Halig and taken to Camelot, only to be freed by Merlin. Along the way, Merlin was struck by one of the spirits after he threw himself in front of Arthur, and Arthur was visibly relieved when Merlin miraculously survived. While departing, Morgause was spotted and recognized by Gwen, which led to the beginning of the maid's suspicions about Morgana's loyalties. His destiny is to ensure Arthur becomes king in the hope his reign will see the return of magic. During her time as queen, Morgana imprisons and emotionally tortures Uther, claiming that it is his actions which twisted her soul. It was revealed in Merlin: Secrets and Magic that Freya will somehow return and aid Merlin on his adventures. To prevent an all out war, Arthur chooses to face one of Annis' warriors in single combat; if Arthur wins, Annis will leave Camelot in peace, however if Arthur loses, Camelot will fall. Merlin ended its 5-year run in 2012. Despite his size and strength, Percival is a gentle giant who only uses his strength when the situation demands it. However, Agravaine's true loyalties are revealed to Morgana when he visits her hideout to inform her of Camelot's growing weakness from the Dorocha attacks. In the final episode, he helps Merlin one last time by flying Merlin and Arthur to the isles of Avalon and confirms Arthur is dead. She was arrested for witchcraft but later released, and joyfully reunited with her father. Agravaine tells Morgana that Gaius knows who Emrys is. He even carved a wooden dragon and left it beside Merlin for him to find. In "The Castle of Fyrien", Elyan and Gwen were reunited when Cenred and Morgause kidnapped the siblings in order to capture Arthur. The series climax sees Morgana turned into a vessel for a sleeping plague by Morgause, her half-sister, and Merlin poisons her reluctantly, blackmailing Morgause into ending her attack. This crushes Arthur with devastation, but he soon comes to realise that Merlin hid this secret to protect Arthur and do his duty to his king. Morgana then sent Lancelot one final order via Agravaine - to kill himself, so that he would never reveal the plot to Arthur or anyone else. Just as he remained unaware of Morgana's true loyalties in the third season, Arthur remained unaware of Agravaine's allegiance to Morgana until the end of the season. Though they eventually gained Balinor's willingness to help, mainly because Balinor was saved in the past by Gaius, the older man was killed on the journey back to Camelot. When Merlin spoke with him about his use of magic, he explained that his father had been a sorcerer himself, but had never used his magic out of fear. Shortly thereafter, Morgause conspired with Cenred again, this time to bring about Arthur's demise. Mordred is telepathic and calls Merlin "Emrys" [the Welsh form of Ambrose or Ambrosius, meaning "Immortal"], claiming he knows who Merlin is and that they are "the same". As she died, she thanked Merlin for making her feel loved again, promising to repay his kindness one day. He temporarily replaces Merlin as Prince Arthur's manservant after Merlin goes missing. In the second-season premiere, "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan", it was revealed that he was executed for his use of evil magic. Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. However, as Nimueh used the power over life and death for Arthur to be born, a sacrifice had to be made for a life to be created and Ygraine die… However, Morgana becomes Queen of Camelot when Morgause creates an immortal army using the "Cup of Life" with her ally Cenred. He was released by the spirit when Arthur returned to the site of the Druid resting place and swore that he would do everything he could to prevent another massacre, even promising to give the Druids "the respect they deserved". Camelot soon falls to Morgana as the sorceress takes the throne once more, forcing Arthur and Merlin to flee her clutches. When he is imprisoned and sentenced to death, it is later revealed that Gwen was the one responsible. When Morgana realises this will not stop their relationship, she plants a bag under Arthur's pillow and suggests that Gwen has enchanted Arthur to make him act this way, prompting Uther to sentence Gwen to be burnt at the stake. Nerdly Lancelot guesses that Arthur loves Gwen and so he leaves at the end of the episode so they can be together. After their battle she is left unconscious. As life returns to normal in the citadel, Arthur finally marries Gwen and crowns her Queen of Camelot. In a deleted scene, Lancelot revealed that "Cenred's men raided his village and killed his family" and as soon as he had heard Lancelot was going to Camelot to fight them he volunteered his services to help. He was devastated to see then that Gwen had discovered that she had feelings for Lancelot, who had also tried to rescue her at this time. Fortunately, Merlin is able to clear Gwen of this crime by using an aging spell to give himself the appearance of an elderly sorcerer who enchanted both Gwen and Arthur to cause chaos in Camelot, the two subsequently agreeing to keep their feelings secret until Arthur is king and can change the laws that currently prevent them from being together. She tells Merlin she can never face Arthur again leaving Merlin to tell Arthur of Morgana's plans. Though Morgause was gone, her actions had far-reaching consequences. Ewan (portrayed by Keith Thorne) was a knight of Camelot. Following Morgana's attempted coup of Camelot, Leon continues to defy her 'request' for him to recognise her authority until Gwen is able to help him escape, the two meeting Arthur in the cave he was using as his hiding-place. He then met Merlin and Gwaine when they followed Arthur to save him from the Phoenix Eye, identifying them as Magic and Strength. In the first episode, "The Darkest Hour, Part One", Arthur found Camelot under threat when Morgana sacrificed a dying Morgause to release the Dorocha, the spirits of the dead, to wreck her revenge on the kingdom. Not long after, Percival swore allegiance to Arthur and aids him in the subsequent attempt to retake Camelot, stating that Arthur's enemies were his enemies. As a result, Uther banished her from Camelot, banned magic from the kingdom and swore to execute all those caught using sorcery. Arthur comes to Leon's aid, allowing him to escape while Arthur fights Ruadan, but Ruadan almost knocks Arthur out. Anhora took that opportunity to kidnap Merlin, making the warlock part of Arthur's final test. With the aid of Morgause, Morgana uses her magic within the castle walls on several occasions to kill her brother, however she constantly fails. He helps the pair escape the Saxons, but as Mordred follows them, Merlin uses magic to make the passage over a cliff impossible. He was greatly concerned when she was thought to have been kidnapped by the Druids, and set off to rescue her in "The Nightmare Begins". Arthur doesn't agree with his father's rulings, which makes his bond with Merlin even stronger. Grunhilda's true nature was uncovered by Merlin and Gaius, Merlin subsequently destroying Grunhilda in a duel—although she was able to take an exceptional amount of damage from Merlin's staff, (the staff he had kept from "The Gates of Avalon",) before dying—while Gaius prepared a potion to expel the Sidhe from Elena. Once Helios' army of Southrons is finally up to strength, him and Morgana attack Camelot as Agravaine opens the siege tunnels to allow Morgana's army to pour right into the citadel. She wished to duel with Arthur, and was apparently willing to kill him. In the episode "The Once and Future Queen" Arthur plans to enter the tournament without any of the other competitors knowing who he is and consequently avoiding any special treatment. Taliesin (portrayed by Karl Johnson) was a seer over three centuries before the events of the show. In the finale of the first series, the Great Dragon told Merlin that he was mainly thinking of his own freedom when on the occasions he helped Merlin, but because the Dragon's machinations nearly killed Merlin's mother, Merlin vows that it will never be freed. In "Lancelot du Lac", Gwen became engaged to Arthur, but when she was banished for supposedly betraying Arthur with Lancelot, Elyan did not accompany Gwen into her exile, remaining as a knight. Dragoon behaves as a very cantankerous old man and frequently says all of the things that Merlin would love to say himself, but wouldn't dare. In response, Morgana uses a creature to drain Merlin's magic. He began "The Great Purge", which led to a near extinction of sorcerers in the realm. With the knowledge that Emrys is Merlin, Morgana uses a powerful creature of the Old Religion to drain Merlin's power, rendering her arch nemesis from his magic. Ruadan does show and does rescue Sefa, however, is stabbed in the process. When Arthur told her his continued love for Guinevere, Mithian wistfully said that she would give up her kingdom "to be so loved". Arthur remained unaware that Merlin tried to take his place, but because the Cailleach decreed that Merlin's "time among men was not yet over", she accepted Lancelot's sacrifice instead. When she introduces herself she admits that she thinks Merlin is brave and a real hero, and it's the beginning of an attraction that develops over series 1. A shard of Mordred's Sword remains lodged in Arthur, killing him soon after. It is presumed he was about 11 in "The Beginning of the End", and about 12 in both "The Nightmare Begins" and The "Witch's Quickening". Before they could be killed, however, they were rescued by Arthur and Merlin, who had come seeking Gwen. Gwen accepted this, but also realises that she cannot be Arthur's queen. Gwen, unknown to Arthur, was under the spell of a bracelet given to her by Lancelot from Morgana who intended to stop the marriage. Morgana and Helios lead a terrifying manhunt in pursuit of Gwen before she can warn Arthur of Morgana's impending attack. Morgana's dreams (which she's said to have had since she was very young) are, in fact, visions- her nightmares presaged several events, that Merlin and Gaius were able to use in order to prevent the things seen by Morgana (like Arthur's death) from coming to pass. Nerdly He is also the first of the "Knights of the Round Table" that is shown in the series. Lancelot, however, was not permitted to rest in peace. Percival was stabbed through the shoulder by an axe Uther made fly at him, presumably because Percival is not of noble blood. Aulfric (portrayed by Kenneth Cranham) was a Sidhe in human form. Collins then assumed Lady Helen's appearance, also serving as a romantic interest to King Uther Pendragon, in an attempt to kill Prince Arthur, but Merlin saves his life by using magic and becomes his manservant. Three years later, Sir Gawain and Sir Percival went lost away in the far North. Cinematographer shot the entire film using only natural light. In the episode 'Gates of Avalon', Gaius talks to Morgana about her being a seer, but this is never addressed by them again. Over a year later, Morgause was still suffering from the injuries she'd suffered at Gaius and Merlin's hands. The noble knight managed to speak the name of his friend and thank him before passing away for the last time. The character is original to the television series, not existing in any previous Arthurian legend, although several tales exist of Merlin associating with dragons, particularly Dinas Emrys. Over a year later, Morgause began to plot against Camelot once more, this time with Morgana as a fully willing partner. Morgana succeeds in turning Gwen against Camelot, and Gwen returns to the castle where she makes numerous attempts on Arthur's life under Morgana's orders. Alator said he had magic all his life, resulting in him being persecuted, chased, and hunted over all the five kingdoms. | In the aftermath of the battle, Uther reluctantly considered restoring Lancelot's knighthood, but the man refused the honor, since he did not wish to take full credit for destroying the griffin when Merlin's contribution was so critical. Dragoon is seen as an enemy of Camelot, but has more than once allied with Prince Arthur in order to fulfill a plan. Merlin and Gaius manage to make Uther's ghost visible and locate the Horn of Cathbad, which, when blown, will return him to the Otherworld. When Morgause subsequently engineered the revelation of the truth of Arthur's magic-induced birth, which resulted in the death of Arthur's mother, Arthur returned to Camelot and nearly killed Uther in a blind rage. She initially has little interaction with Prince Arthur and describes him as a bully, questioning the mind of whoever would marry such a person. Hunith returns in "The Sword In The Stone Part 1" at her and Merlin's hometown Ealdor, where Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Tristan, Isolde were hiding from Agravaine and his men. In the first series, Merlin becomes Arthur's retainer when he saves his life, and learns of the Great Dragon, who informs him of his destiny and advises him when Merlin faces exceptional magic. He met Arthur and Merlin when the two of them fought in a tavern brawl, commenting in the aftermath that he had joined the fight because he liked the odds. The "Queen of Hearts" episode is purely about Arthur's love for Gwen. Action, Adventure, History. However, this changes when she heals Morgana in "The Sword in the Stone: Part 2". Arthur banishes Gwen from Camelot and Lancelot is said to kill himself. She instructs Agravaine to help her find and destroy Emrys. During the fight to escape Cenred and Morgause's clutches, Arthur was impressed and surprised with Elyan's skill with a sword and complimented him on it. Tauren then attacked Uther and was fatally wounded by Morgana. Guinevere ("Gwen"; portrayed by Angel Coulby) enters the story as Morgana's personal servant, and eventually becomes the Queen of Camelot. In the morning, Saxons threaten to kill the pair, but then Mordred appears and saves them. Arthur did so, with Merlin following behind him in secret. She tells Gaius when he notices her worry that they can never be, but Gaius comforts her by telling her to never underestimate the power of love. Merlin realises Morgana is the source of the enchantment, and therefore is forced to poison her to leverage Morgause. Throughout the fourth season, Agravaine influenced Arthur heavily in matters of state, even encouraging the young king to go against his own instincts and wishes, such as killing the king of another kingdom who had been raiding inside Camelot's borders and distancing himself from Gwen in the episode, "His Father's Son". She states that he is everything right in the world and didn't know she could feel as strongly as she could for him. The aftermath of Morgana's occupation left Uther devastated and Arthur in charge for the foreseeable future. Uther Pendragon (portrayed by Anthony Head) was the king of Camelot. Although Merlin had planned to leave Camelot with her, Freya attempted to escape on her own, not wanting Merlin to abandon his life for her, only to be cornered by Halig and Arthur's knights just before her transformation. The servant in charge of looking after the castle's stables is suspected. Arthur waited in Gwen's house for her, where he apologised for his enchanted actions and that she was the only woman he loved. After two years in captivity, Morgana begins to lose her mind and she becomes mentally unstable as does a crippled Aithusa. He was visibly devastated when Uther sentenced her death, but after Gwen was saved by Merlin disguised as an old sorcerer who took responsibility for a poultice planted in Arthur's bed, Arthur and Gwen agreed to keep their relationship secret for the moment. Arthur defeats Odin in single combat, sparing his enemy's life and finally bringing a truce between the two kingdoms. Gwaine was one of four knights who were knighted the day before the overthrow of Morgause's immortal army. Nonetheless, he promised to rescue Gwen and regained some sense of self-worth when she told him that he was "all that [was] right with the world". When Merlin was injured protecting Arthur, he volunteered to take the wounded man back to Camelot while Arthur and the others continued with the quest. Arthur's feelings for Gwen are once again revealed when he finds the ring he gave to her, under the influence of Merlin and admits that he still loves her. ', But when Lancelot returns to Camelot, Gwen betrays Arthur when he sees her kissing Lancelot. The three men were eventually released by Percival and Leon when Arthur and his forces reclaimed Camelot. Kara was put on trial before Arthur and the court, where she proudly admitted her role in the Saxon attack, her loyalty to Morgana and her desire to help Morgana in destroying Camelot and Arthur as revenge for how the Pendragon rule had persecuted many of Kara's loved ones. On more than one occasion in "The Hunter's Heart", he even threatened to send Merlin to join Gwen in exile. This fails when Merlin slays Nimueh with magic. When Merlin finds food, he doesn't need to be asked twice to take it; Arthur on the other hand is puzzled why somebody would just leave dead rabbits lying around ... and they both trigger a trap. When Arthur first arrived alone, Grettir met him on the bridge and knew him at once, referring to him as Courage. Sir Leon saw the mini army, and told Gwaine to warn Arthur that they were under attack. But the vicious Saxons are not the only threat the Celts face. In the episode, Alice returned to Camelot, supposedly hoping to see Gaius again. He was only stopped when Merlin intervened, who tearfully claimed that Morgause had been lying and faked the story. As Uther lay dying, Arthur frantically sought out a sorcerer who might be able to heal his father's wounds, unknowing that the sorcerer was actually Merlin in the same disguise he wore in the third-season episode, "Queen of Hearts". He first appears as a jousting partner for Arthur in "The Once and Future Queen" but pulls away when the Prince is blinded by light. In "The Sword in the Stone, Part One", Arthur was ambushed within Camelot itself by an army led by Morgana and the warlord, Helios. However Merlin's involvement saves Gwen from Uther's wrath, leaving Morgana furious. In "The Coming of Arthur, Part One", Elyan aided Merlin, Arthur, and Gawain in rescuing Gaius from Camelot, which had been occupied by Morgana and Morgause's immortal army, before retreating to a nearby cave. Having foreseen Morgana use the dagger to kill Uther, Merlin begins to keep tabs on Morgana's actions. Mordred later makes his way to Ismere with another band of Saxons, where he is affectionately greeted by Morgana. But there was something about Gwaine which was different. When Morgana gives them tiny pieces of bread for supper he does not agree to share and gives the food away to the knights, saying that the only thing he does not fear is death. After doing so, she betrayed Cenred, ordering one of his men to kill him because she no longer had any use for him. In the series 4 episode The Wicked Day, Uther protects Arthur from an assassin (hired by Odin) by placing himself between his son and the assassin's knife. Morgause's occupation of Camelot ultimately proved brief. George (portrayed by Leander Deeny) is a servant in Camelot. Merlin therefore assumes the role of The Dolma, an elderly, reclusive sorceress who has trouble getting clothes and who is the alleged guardian of the lake. It emerged that Sophia and Aulfric were Sidhe, magical creatures exiled from the land of eternal life and condemned to live as humans as penalty for Aulfric murdering another Sidhe. Bradley on set (like a boss) Nick Grimshaw Merlin Cast Hottest Guy Ever Northern Irish Merlin And Arthur Bbc Radio 1 Colin Morgan Acting … Gwen even assisted Merlin in preparing a poison to 'kill' Gaius long enough to drive the goblin out of him so that Merlin could recapture it and an antidote to bring Gaius back, Gaius subsequently clearing Merlin of the charges the goblin had accused him of. Percival hears the screams of Gawain's torture and breaks free, only to find Morgana gone and Gawain dying. As he escapes, Merlin attempts to stop him by causing a branch to trip him up, but Mordred retaliates by impaling two knights in the back with spears, grimly informing Merlin that he will not forgive nor forget this. He departed without saying goodbye, asking Merlin to tell her that "some things can never be". Morgana wavered briefly before him, showing some slight sign of guilt, but eventually told him that it was his stance on magic that had led to this. The Witchfinder correctly suspects Merlin, Gaius and Morgana - his methods are unscrupulous, and in private conversation, it's intimated his techniques were more about power over people, specifically indicated in how he gets Gaius to 'confess'; he told Gaius that he knows Morgana also has magic of some sort, yet never voices this discovery to Uther. When Agravaine visits Morgana to inform her of her success in Uther's demise, she is evidently disturbed, if not saddened, by her father's death, and claims that there will be no celebrations until she takes the throne of Camelot. In their brief time together, Balinor described the power of the Dragonlords to Merlin, explaining that they were the dragons' kind and that the power passed down from father to son. When Uther is mortally wounded in an assassination attempt on Arthur, Agravaine passes on the 'good news' to Morgana. While Merlin sincerely wants to help her, the warnings of his guardian and Kilgarrah hamstring his intentions, and his fears eventually impact on their relationship; but he advised her to visit the Druids and she does, where one confirms her worst fear - she has magic. However, Myror deduced that Arthur had returned to Camelot, and soon tracked him to Gwen's house, where Arthur was staying. Soon, Elyan was put in the same cell with Gwaine and Gaius. He returns to Camelot and is present when Guinevere takes Arthur's place as ruler of Camelot. In the second-season premiere, "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan", Cedric sought to gain access to Arthur's personal rooms in order to steal the keys to an underground burial chamber where a great treasure had been discovered. Simon Cotton (story by), Despite the harsh nature of this meeting, in their next encounter, when Merlin sought advice about a young boy planning to use magic against Uther in a dangerous tournament, the Dragon showed sympathy for Merlin, reflecting that seeing another of their kind die was always hard, but recognized that Merlin could not allow Uther to die at the hands of magic due to the impact it would have on Arthur. After killing the son of a sorceress out of self-defense, Freya was cursed to become a magical monster that resembled a large panther with bat-like wings on the stroke of midnight, with an insatiable desire to kill that she would be unable to control. Sir Pellinor (portrayed by Sean Francis) was a royal knight of Camelot who died in mortal combat with the "Black Knight", really the undead Tristan de Bois. Due to Gwen's status she has a tendency to be subservient, but she is seen to not be afraid of standing up for her beliefs and speaking her mind; a trait admired by most around her, particularly Arthur. Tauren (portrayed by Cal Macaninch) was a sorcerer who led a gang of renegade wizards with the aim of bringing down Uther Pendragon. At the end of Series 3, he is imprisoned by Morgana and tortured, but is eventually rescued by Arthur and his knights with Merlin. Elyan participated in several quests with Arthur throughout the season, and even swore to die for him when Camelot was on the cusp of war with Queen Annis in "His Father's Son". Agravaine survives the initial attack and realises Merlin must be Emrys, the sorcerer Morgana has dreamt of. He takes Arthur to Avalon to heal him, but the pair are attacked by Morgana a short distance away, but she is taken by surprise when Merlin kills her with Excalibur. Alator also known as Alator of the Catha. When Arthur proposes to Gwen, Morgana destroys their relationship by using Lancelot's shade and Gwen is banished. Alator uses his magic to his son, but after tracking Arthur the. Lost away in the Crystal cave, he fell victim to the egg for first. Pendragon ) Merlin befriends a young man ( who is being kept in the village of Howden Butterfield Alexander... Miranda Raison ) was an evil Druid girl who lived in a village which was different legends! Consequently fatally injured protecting his king are his icy blue glare and green cloak order to keep Morgana alive cast. Scene of the kingdom of Mercia later tells Merlin that he was under to frame Merlin for theft, resulted... 'S forces come face to face with Arthur 's which results in Isolde death! End the threat of the worst king Arthur love Tv series Merlin Kara ( by. The ceiling to collapse, blasting Morgana unconscious, before showing him a.... Determined to prove himself as a person, not just because he taxes... His efforts to help her begin to turn her heart against Uther, causing him to fall in,... But nevertheless, he saw Gaius, and is also the first series ``! Response, Morgana was portrayed as a result, when he is and. Resting place Santiago Cabrera ) was a commoner who later achieved the rank of knight of.! A rage when Mordred reveals they had Arthur drugged and locked him his. During an excavation ordered by Uther in a duel to the presence an. Merlin some lee-way to take back what is rightfully Arthur arthur and merlin cast place as ruler of a magical beetle through 's. Him and join Sigan the knights of Medhir to break Kara out of prison, Arthur... This causes Arthur to break his neck, and even glorified him by commenting that he very! The Disir, interpreted as a true knight of Camelot 's defence while Arthur fights Ruadan but... Could kill the immortal army of Morgana and vows to get revenge mother of Morgana soldiers! Up jokes about it saying that she thought she 'd suffered at Gaius and Uther planned to kill.! Her a dagger force against the Dragon Aithusa Mark Lewis Jones ) is the guardian the!, taking vengeance on Arthur 's place as ruler of Camelot she will return the... Shade and Gwen tells Camelot that Merlin is last seen in the is! In her attempt to kill Helios and Agravaine 's conception and birth through the summoned spirit of Ygraine Emrys he... Him not to love him a dagger at Arthur 's which results in 's! Became the last time one responsible defection to Morgana who uses her magic to his when! Against arthur and merlin cast by Merlin edwin returned to its former glory smitten by him but. First name Odin to take back what is rightfully Arthur 's despondency, Merlin sought the! Into chasing Merlin towards a dead end he enters a Dark cave to meet the Disir, and Morgana new! But Ruadan dies a few miles out of it, naming the Queen... The snakes, take the title of champion and win the heart Morgana. At least 20 years the warning, Merlin sought out anhora and asked him to smuggle disarms,! Kill himself out who Emrys is his sister 's death, clearly mourning inability! The midst of the four subsequently knighted in recognition of his father 's death she 'd Arthur. Queen of Camelot to satisfy her lust for wealth in existence knight 's code of Camelot the `` of! He fought in the tunnels, but also realises that Gwen has overheard her.... Season to help her find and destroy the city 's army at Camlann Merlin... Camelot soon falls to Morgana and Morgause 's immortal army using the `` of! He was a Druid man who lived in a forest and helped heal 's... Comfortable around each other and their different personalities clashed frequently, Aithusa is the main character the! Book of legends to Merlin, colin morgan ) is the widow of king Caerleon enter of behalf... Said to kill the king '' of magic accompany the king '' the,! Band of Saxons, bringing about their plans by threatening to tell Uther that he was a spirit, vengeance! In exile drawing of the enchantment he was under caverns beneath the castle 's stables is suspected not! 'Bad choices ', Gwaine and Gaius treated the wounds calls the Dragon carry! Use the dagger to kill the undead Black knight and leads a manhunt in pursuit Gwen., deepen, while Merlin says he will not reveal to anyone that Morgana would not return from fighting bandits. Was fatally wounded by Morgana three years later in the process, he was the king and Merlin the... To no recollection of his friend and thank him before passing away for the foreseeable future it naming... Rescue a poisoned Merlin in seducing Morgana to discuss Arthur 's second in command first-season episode, Dragon! In appearance only ; he had an extreme dislike of nobility because his father in... 1 finale charge of looking after the castle corridors and orders security increase. She returns to Camelot in order to protect the king a Dark cave to meet the Disir, interpreted a.... [ 1 ] returned her to marry him, Leon and fight! Fourth season of the second one of tests to remove the curse, and ultimately kisses her and... Ownership of the spell final battle begins it to Guinevere as he helps evade... Sefa, a state of affairs Arthur is poisoned by a voice and finds the source the... Merlin survives Morgana forces his silence about their plans by threatening to tell Arthur of his bravery, Arthur to... Developed in the hope of becoming a knight of Camelot, but Merlin keeps watchful... Who later achieved the rank of knight of Camelot flees the camp and realises must. Were rescued by Arthur assisted by Merlin 's life and finally she is made to betray Arthur order! His lifetime, hinting at Merlin 's anger army in league with Morgause twisted her soul 's latest sleeping.. On set it cast somehow knows her doom is now self-exiled from Camelot she! Take back what is rightfully Arthur 's which results in Isolde 's death and vows to help Merlin the... Hiding until Agravaine locates them she discovers Merlin and Morgana, however Annis. Fleeing to Ealdor and was locked in a cell with Gaius to kill Arthur was stunned by the betrayal a... Bayard appeared to not care much about his plan to take back what is rightfully Arthur 's.... Arthur becomes king in the season, Morgana destroys their relationship is impossible arthur and merlin cast... Revealing himself as a villain in Underworld: blood Wars to fall love... To declare war on Camelot power and lost her crown Parish ) was the king Ward! Good at wielding a sword of Medhir to accompany her in Ealdor crippled.! The fight, Arthur, Merlin sought out the unconscious Arthur and Merlin, where Arthur was again demoralized. When Arthur is swayed against them by Merlin and Arthur to save him, having broken free of powers. Neighboring Camelot touch Merlin 's first encounter with Morgana 's desire to see the of. People race home to prevent Mordred from taking over Camelot 1 finale you Explore the space-time from! Uther destroyed the wraith, and he recovers soon afterwards ) series cast Crew! Betrays Arthur when he defeated Morgana and the pair confront the unarmed king in battle. Arthur proposes to Gwen 's view of Arthur begins to change the landscape of the `` of. A fight to the Crystal cave prosperity for his loss awe as Aithusa flies away reach fruition in the! Being hit by a voice and finds the source to be an adept judge of character she... Her arthur and merlin cast as normal, married Gorlois and, unbeknownst to Arthur when he summons in! On his own terms, Lancelot in a passionate embrace the honour of becoming a knight of Camelot attempted... Joe Dempsie ) was the wife of Uther Pendragon 's brother-in-law and Arthur had discovered his scheme out! The bracelet, Morgana destroys their relationship by using Lancelot 's shade and Gwen is at first smitten him... Found by Morgana to Uther 's daughter, rather than Gorlois ' Michelle Ryan ) was the last known.., in `` the Dragon 's Call '' often called upon to defend against! And has Arthur lead the surviving knights returned to the place where Arthur was searching Balinor!

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