Engagement Opportunities

  1. Records Management Program Review
    • This onsite assessment of your organization’s record management program reviews the critical areas of record practices. Included are electronic and paper content, retention management, policies, procedures and an inventory overview. Upon the completion of the assessment a report is issued providing oversight to the existing practices and recommendations for program improvement with suggested timelines and budgetary pricing.
  2. Governance Tools
    • Governance tools can be developed to insure that your organization comply’s with best practices for record keeping reducing your liability.
      • Policies and Procedures provide direction for departments and staff on the value, responsibility and required actions in maintaining your organizations information.
      • Retention Schedules provide guidance to your staff on how long to keep information while permitting record destruction at appropriate times.
  3. Records Inventories
    • Active Paper and Digital Based inventories provide you a comprehensive tool to plan for relocations.
    • Offsite Records
  4. Electronic Content Management
    • Document Imaging
    • Applicaton Design and Implementation
  5. Project Management