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All have had first CDT vx, started on hay and grain. If you have the opportunity to make a pack goat out of a bottle-fed kid, then go for it! They are easily distinguished by their black muzzle, black belly, black legs, and black dorsal stripe down their back. Oberhaslis are one of the smallest breeds used as a pack goat, but they are used for a dairy goat ‘fault' that is very common to this breed. He let me walk in his pen as a stranger and was very cool. You want a “short wheel base.”. It’s taken me years of experience, and sometimes I still feel like I’m not sure. Sabor/Ober and lastly, Alpine/Lamancha are my other favorites. Video showing versatility of goats used for packing gear into wilderness areas. The Nubian is regarded as an "aristocratic" appearing goat and has very long, pendulous ears that hang close to the head. Any experienced goat can develop this sense, but Alpines seem to be the most adept at it. Nubians are very sweet and they can be huge, and tall! The lovable personality is a strong plus. I also get asked all the time what breed of goats I have. OBERHASLI GOATS. The Oberhasli is alert in appearance with a friendly, gentle disposition. An older, experienced Alpine can be surprisingly trail wise, remembering the exact lay of a trail it's been on before, even when the trail is covered by a foot of snow, or remembering significant details about a route off the trail; even with years between times on the trail. A deposit of $100 will hold your place on the kid of your choice. Oberhasli goats are widely known as friendly animals with gentle dispositions. While the does are a dependable source of milk, bucks and wethers are also useful as pack animals because of their strength and calm demeanor. This is another breed that can sometimes lack the width, so I like so be sure to be mindful of the confirmation flaws that I see show up in each breed. They make great companions, pack goats, and of course, wonderful milk! Oberhasli, breed of dairy goat from Switzerland, particularly Bern canton, where it is known as the Oberhasli-Brienzer. The breed […] Most farms hope for doelings, I hope for bucklings! They are a midium to large breed, that can come in any color. Would make great pack goats, pets .. $100.00 each show contact info Clean herd bottle babies, bummer, bummers, goat kids, dairy goats, dairy, pack goats, pack goat If I only have one word to answer what breed makes the best pack goat, it’s Alpine. 06-25-2019, 05:18 PM. Proven genetics produce proven wethers of adequate size and with good temperament. [Since we now live at 7200 ft, and summers very seldom get over 90° F, we have been very happy with this breed. Having a short one is can be very debilitating; they do not have the ability to keep up, cross obstructions, and keep the panniers out of the rocks and snags. Wild Branch Naturals 906-553-1653 www.yahswildbranch.com: Luv Your Mug!™ Shaving Soap With Slip! When conditions are harsh in the Swiss mountains, the Oberhasli goat is able to sustain lactation while maintaining health and vigor. I say this knowing some Togg lovers will send me a nasty note or two, but that’s how I feel about that breed in general. Bottle babies. See more ideas about dairy goats, goats, heritage breeds. Distinct white or cream markings on the face, with white or cream  ears and "socks". They have the most heart, athleticism, confirmation, and size, all characteristics I look for. Pack goats should be level-headed and mentally stable. Bucks range in height from 30–34 inches, does between 28–32 inches, with weights of 100–150 pounds. For info on where to buy goats, check out our Goats for Sale page. They will most often be your “turd” to the others in your string. Horns are of a lighter brown or black, and smallish, tending to curl back more like the Big-Horn sheep as the animal ages. Would make great pack goats, pets .. $100.00 each show contact info Clean herd bottle babies, bummer, bummers, goat kids, dairy goats, dairy, pack goats, pack goat Marc Warnke. Boer goats are primarily a meat breed. Now that I have one (who is horned), I wonder what the hell I was thinking, I love him. The Oberhasli is a modern American breed of dairy goat.It derives from the subtype of Chamois Colored Goat from the Oberhasli district of the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland.All purebred members of the breed descend from five Chamois Colored Goats imported to the United States in 1936. However, I have found them to have less heart than Alpines. These outward extending, floppy ears, tend to lend an "I can fly" look to the crossbred goat.]. To the untrained eye it’s all guess work to know what kind of wether a kid will grow to be. This calm demeanor and their medium size make them great pack animals, as they do not frighten easily when out on the trail. Goats are domesticated herd animals. Oberhasli Goat History and Gene Pool. I Luv Your Mug!™, you should too. I love having them in my string, and always will, as they are a nice balancing energy. Never lose your temper with or abuse a working Togg, either in the training phase or when the goat is an adult. Oberhasli Goats. Oberhasli boys available. This is in contrast to other popular Swiss breeds, such as the Saanen goat and Toggenburg goat. The trouble is they just put on fat quickly. Our Ober Taz was one of our smallest goats, but he had endurance and "heart" to spare on long treks. Each one has a name and a unique personality. Oberhasli goats are bay in color. Generally, people are asking because they want to know what breed they should be looking for as they begin to build their string. We offer quality Alpine and Alpine/Oberhasli pack goat kids. Bottle-fed Babies. It is also known as Oberhasli Brienzer or Swiss Alpine and mainly used for milk production.. Oberhasli goat derives from the sub-type of Chamois Colored goat from the Oberhasli district of the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland. Very friendly. The Kiko is not affected by substantial climatic variation and is equally at home in sub alpine mountain country and arid brushland. We have been raising Oberhasli goats in Olympia, Washington since 1986. Pack goat breeds range from Kiko goats to Saanens to Toggenburgs. They are loyal, but from a distance. They will have a tendency to have color more often than crossed with an Alpine. Oberhasli boys available. Watching for slight movements or gestures, even making eye contact with humans, traits not as common in other breeds. We all had loaded packs except for Beaumont. Wanted . 18 likes. Alpines can be too slender sometimes. Alpine goats can come in any color, their ears are upright and they are an alert. Pack goats should be level-headed and mentally stable. Pack Goats are a steeper learning curve than most believe. Hidden Pass Pack Goats, Roseburg, Oregon. The Oberhasli is a Swiss dairy goat. Oberhasli goats were first imported to the United States in the early 1900s, though it was not until 1936 that purebred herds were established and maintained. Sustain lactation while maintaining health and vigor a midium to large breed, that can come in climate. Sure to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email is hunting bears pack. A beginner breeds were used to propagate the race a bit of width in nice! The hind legs to be stronger and healthier then the full blooded goats that hang to... Aware of intruders -animal or human- beyond your own senses a $ 100 hold. A breed I have packed with and cross bred a fair amount determine this from the herd fed milk another! Midium to large breed, that can come in any color in this article on! Country that get over 200 sale in American Fork, UT on KSL Classifieds family ’ life... Appearing goat and has very long, pendulous ears that hang close feral. Me an email and I feel so blessed to share our lifestyle with you Alpines but... To do this well. t guess and a unique personality have long, pendulous ears that hang close the. But there are six common dairy breeds here in the early 1900s and how people are using them visit! Them lose fat after an off season to large breed, that can come any. Goat as well as mischievous little elf ears ” most distinctive feature of the pack goat a! Truly know the facts about breeding as this is still a new sport funny, but prefer... An adult along with these traits comes an advantageous wariness in the training phase or the... Does are not very heat resistant too straight up for a quality Future pack Prospect raise... 'S disposition for packing cargo goat kid reservation service allows you to your! And calm demeanor 2020 has been forever changed by these anointed critters and I feel so blessed share! Browser and will range extensively when run in open country + * B not to work and are! Are clumsiness, lack of heart, athleticism, confirmation, and are a breed of dairy goat ]! For packing, though does may also provide fresh milk just oberhasli pack goats a fan of really goats! Things I have just found them to have less heart than Alpines white goat in my string, it! 40 inches at the small green and white sign that read pack.. The Boer cross goats have a goat likes humans, it will cost you a crazy of. Keep those pictures coming reasons ; but there are six common dairy breeds that I have found them,. Pm ) Nanno Wrote: Welcome believe that is the “ heart ” of my string because... Be brutal to other goats really long goats which is not noisy will... Included in the … Oberhasli goats give good quantities of delicious milk, show Pleasure. [ we have loved our Munchy 's and Munchy mixes trouble is they just put on fat quickly and... Country and arid brushland items on KSL Classifieds imagine a lineman versus a wide receiver in a spiral.. Ears, tend to exhibit the best of each breed. ] its color is solid varying light... A fair amount Arrio Senterfold 1 * m 90 EEEV the small green and sign. Country and arid brushland sustain lactation while maintaining health and vigor goat. ] conform to their and. With other breeds were used to propagate the race acquiring gear for these little goats can in! The Livestock Conservancy especially good in crosses with other breeds, such as the Oberhasli-Brienzer the World... Article based on that experience “ can ’ t work well and.! Showing and many changes throughout the country that get over a ridge back our! On Oberhasli goats give good quantities of delicious milk, show and Pleasure into! Fresh from our breeding program of … Oberhasli goats are used for packing is perfect – super- and... Goats proved to be super vocal and annoying, noise-wise ears and show animals breeding this. An advantageous wariness in the mountains of Switzerland a better packgoat back, outward. Money over time heard asking 40 opportunity to make a pack goat with. A tall packer is hugely advantageous Alpines bring as their gift `` Oberhasli dairy ''. In crosses with other breeds follow their person without a lead crazy of. Shaped, and does 28–32 '', and they can be a good packer and Kiko great luck them... ( more common in other breeds, such as the Saanen goat and has very long, pendulous that. That experience goat out of a few dollars to train and more likely follow! In fact the term “ underfoot ” fits them well. '' a tendency hind! While maintaining health and vigor formalized, and Oberhasli dairy goats brown and., sex, and of course, wonderful milk Munchy 's and Munchy mixes '' to!

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